At Stepart we pay a great deal of attention to the development and the quality of our products

Every purchase you make at Stepart lasts a lot longer than just a few washes. Nowadays, it's hard to trace the true origin of a product because so many brands have managed to find the flaws in French law, which is why there are so many products labelled "Made in France" and yet they're not, it just sells better! The quality is sometimes mediocre and even if you fall in love with the print, it's never very pleasant to find yourself wearing a "rag" after only 5 washes. Textile production is not rocket science; there is no brand that is immune to producing a product or print that will not fade in time. Stepart tries to stay consistent and we never stop trying to improve our product in order to satisfy your needs.

So here's a little peek backstage to give you some insight on our production process, a bit like asking your butcher exactly where the steak on your plate came from. So just for you, Stepart dares to bare all and reveal our production process!

A product Made in Portugal

For most people, a T-shirt is just a T-shirt but here at StepArt we've got a few years of experience under our belts and we assure you that producing a T-shirt is a lot more complex than you would think. It requires special attention to combine both a good cut and a nice feel, something that lasts, with pure colours, not forgetting the detail and quality workmanship. To do all this, we work with a factory located in northern Portugal, with whom we develop a specific mesh for our T-shirts and sweatshirts, a cut that respects our own measurement tables, specific colours depending on what you / we desire and last but not least, specific details that represent our brand name. We make regular visits to our manufacturers not only to develop new products but also to monitor and improve the quality of our current collections.

All our products are 100% cotton and the mesh is pre-washed to avoid shrinkage.

A product Made in Portugal

The cotton is woven to create a mesh which is then dipped and dyed in different baths according to the chosen colour. La maille part ensuite à l’atelier de confection où toutes les étapes de découpe, couture et finitions s’enchainent pour aboutir au produit final, notre teeshirt StepArt.

Prints made in France

This is the "Made in France" part! If creating a T-shirt brings all it's weight to bear in the quality of the product, printing can quickly bring a dark cloud over the whole process if you don't know what you're doing. Being as proximity is a big guarantee of quality and delivery, we chose to work with a company near our office ... which at the same time makes our lives easier ;) All our prints are produced on  silk-screen, specific inks are tailor-made for each print and we develop colours and printing techniques which allow us to have a final rendering quality as faithful as possible to the work of our artists, in order to portray their designs.

Impression Made in France

The silk-screen part takes place on a machine called a carousel, which literally means "merry-go-round". Every illustration requires the opening of one or more silk-screen printing frames depending on the number of colours in the drawing (1 frame per colour). Each colour created for our prints are developped with a Pantone colour chart. Once the T-shirt has been printed it then goes through a high-temperature oven in order to fix the ink onto the mesh. It's as simple as that!!!