Stepart - Its creators Morgan De Vismes and Quentin Pitot

StepArt : a story about two friends

StepArt is above all a human story, a story about two friends driven by the same desire, to create a brand that would collaborate with artists from different graphic worlds in order to bring a constant flow of eclectic upbeat designs. The idea wasn't to have a brand identity with a fixed style, but to constantly bring out different collections which, thanks to the graphic diversity, could satisfy all ages from 7 to 77. So what better canvas to express ourselves on  than the most worn item of clothing in the world , a T-shirt; without a doubt one of the best ways to express what we like, how we think and who we are.

At StepArt, it's the artist that defines the brand

Each collaboration is the result of exchanges both friendly and graphical, which enables us to create unique and original items with every new meeting.We work with many well-known artists but our goal is also to work with new artists from the graphic scene in order for you to discover their talent.

We are far from reinventing the concept of "labels", but try in our own way to bring something new and complementary from a graphical, qualitative and human point of view. Therefore we are happy to dress you in Art!

Stepart - Infography about the brand