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  • Adrien Pinzio

    Adrien Pinzio is a young artist from les Landes in the South West of France. He is one of those guys you could qualify as being purely simple and authentic, both in his way of thinking and with his creations. His work is inspired by nature and music, combined with a careful and personal design.

  • Alan Berry Rhys

    Alan Berry Rhys is an Argentine artist who lives in Buenos Aires. He has been teaching graphic design at the University for 8 years now. If his graphic style is inspired by vintage advertising, he likes to tell in his works the legends of his country. Most of the time, we find as inspirations the marine world around fishing and typical fishes of the country.

    There is no doubt that Alan is not vegetarian because he also develops a certain graphic taste for red meat! Even though Alan is a perfectionist and detail oriented, what he likes above all, it is the small imperfections that will make each of his productions unique and authentic. That’s why he is also passionate about «Lo-fi» printmaking. His background counts many worldwide exhibitions and great collaborations with international brands such as Nike, Puma, Jack Daniel’s, Penguin ... and today StepArt!

  • Alejandro Giraldo

    Alejandro Giraldo is 100% pure Colombian, who went into exile in Barcelona, Spain, in order to finish his studies with a master degree in both drawing and art. He finds his inspiration in the works of Wes Anderson, Gondry and Tarantino but one can also see in this artist a passion for "el dia de los muertos", Guacamole and Magnolia. Alejandro has already worked for Nike, Sneakers and Design by Human.

  • Alexis Snell

    Alexis Snell is an artist who grew up in the Yorkshire English countryside. In 2003, she graduated as a printmaker from the Cardiff School of Art & Design. After a break of several years serving as a Chef, she moved to London to live off her initial passion, linocuts. Her authentic manual work has seduced many advertising agencies and publishing houses with whom she collaborates on various projects.

    The artwork of our collaboration immediately reminded us of the years Gauguin in Tahiti…Something strong comes out from this print and that’s all the subtlety and the effectiveness of Alexis Snell’s work.

  • Anem

    Fresh out of Les Beaux Arts, Anem decided to turn illustration into her favorite artistic mode of expression. She quickly made a name for herself in the musical world, working at first for Freak out/On air prod parties in Paris where many artists were produced under the label Institube and Ed Banger.

    After that, she collaborated with the label Boxon for whom she created most of their album covers with a great freedom of expression, designing the graphics to fit the artists and their music. At the same time, her illustrations appeared in a few magazines/fanzines (Traxx, Cubeek, Graisse Animale, Be Street ...)

  • Ben Kocinski

    Ben Kocinski is an American illustrator who was born and lives in Minnesota. Just like Luke Lieske, he is a true lover of the vast plains of “the Old America”. It is on these values and inspiration that we wanted to work with Ben to keep all the integrity of his work. To illustrate these deep American roots, we have created a “Western” artwork with the traditional cowboy on his mount. For the “nature” side, he worked on a visual outline with clean lines featuring the great north forest king: The Bear! Two very different creations but symbolizing to his eyes a part of the American identity.

    Ben also draws inspiration from the US 1930’s advertising campaigns to which he associates typography works always very relevant.

  • Bene Rohlmann

    Bene Rohlmann is an artist from the attractive Berlin graphic scene.

    Whether it be through his photos, illustrations or collages, he draws us into his surrealistic universe which often consists of hijacking images of well-known caracters.On the illustration side, Bene has a fine eye for details and perfect finishing touches which bring to his drawings a kind of DIY/vector graphics style. He is one of the few artists who have managed to keep a universe of his own, offering us original and highly graphic designs.

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  • BMD Design

    BMDD works in many different branches: graphic design, typography, (hand lettering), visual identity (logos), signage, publishing (posters, brochures, adverts) and specializes in textile design (design apparel), placement and allover print. In a tough competitive environment and a world saturated by information, companies need a good communication strategy nowadays. With their work, BMDD not only looks to seduce and surprise you, but also to show and convince you. Fortified by 20 years of experience in graphic design and communication, BMDD is above all a brilliant concentrate of a creative and innovative passion that adapts to the most specific of problems that can be found in communication.

  • Camille Lavaud

    Camille Lavaud was born in 1981.She lives and works in a sewing shop located in a medieval village in her home town (Dordogne) and sometimes in a few places around Bordeaux or Brussels.

    Customizing fanzines and collective exhibitions, she made her first appearance in "Horror is human" and was afterwards noticed by the publishing house Orbis Pictus and then by Artsfactory. Graduating with a DNSEP at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, voguing between graphic design and publishing, it was as a co- driver in her grandfather’s bookmobile that she began to practice at being an illustrator. Camille Lavaud finds her inspiration in words, pictures and music. A large desk, a playlist, drawing paper and a Pilot 0.4 pen for her illustrations, assemblies, collages and sewing for different ready-to-wear collections.

  • Charlotte Delarue

    Charlotte is an illustrator, graphic designer and art director based in Paris. She began her career in 2007 as an art director in the design studio Surface to Air.Charlotte used her talents as an illustrator to print t-shirts collections which were so successful that  she was quickly contacted to illustrate movie posters (Jules and Jim) ,advertising campaigns (Carven summer 2014) and different magazines (So Foot, Vogue). Charlotte has also worked with internationally renowned artists such as musicians Justice, Chromeo or Kavinsky, for whom she created their album covers, or with brands such as Carven, Nike and Printemps.