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JeanSpezial is a collective of graphic designers, illustrators and good friends whose initial idea was to work together on common media: exhibitions, paintings, walls, press releases ... and now T-Shirts!

Maud, Matthieu I and II, Sebastian Nicolas, Greg, Joris, Michael and Jean-Michel are the nine illustrators, graphic designers and artists in the group, which was formed when two smaller groups got together: Espezial and Jeanclodes. All coming from art schools, they each have their chosen field.

Working together for almost four years now, they each collaborate and pool their expertise to produce a single, consistent graphic identity: the fictitious person, Jean Spezial. The skills and influences of each person intersect, collide, mingle, to give the most consistent images possible (style, color, subject, medium ...). Hard to say who does what, the group works together as a team and everyone works under the name Jean Spezial .The various people in the collective know each other well. In just a few years, JeanSpez have managed to make a name for themselves and have their work displayed in many Parisian galleries as well as in different galeries around Europe, like with their last art show: Les Redoublants, in the Extrabold gallery in Luxembourg. For their collaboration with StepArt, JeanSpezial have signed three illustrations, faithful to their universe: offbeat, humorous, simple and devilishly effective.

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