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Alan Berry Rhys

Alan Berry Rhys is an Argentine artist who lives in Buenos Aires. He has been teaching graphic design at the University for 8 years now. If his graphic style is inspired by vintage advertising, he likes to tell in his works the legends of his country. Most of the time, we find as inspirations the marine world around fishing and typical fishes of the country.

There is no doubt that Alan is not vegetarian because he also develops a certain graphic taste for red meat! Even though Alan is a perfectionist and detail oriented, what he likes above all, it is the small imperfections that will make each of his productions unique and authentic. That’s why he is also passionate about «Lo-fi» printmaking. His background counts many worldwide exhibitions and great collaborations with international brands such as Nike, Puma, Jack Daniel’s, Penguin ... and today StepArt!

Stepart artist - Alejandro Giraldo
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Collaboration Stepart X Alan Berry Rhys

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