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Born in Santiago, Chile, Daniela Garreton grew up in a country bordered by thousands of kilometers of coastline. In 2010, Daniela Garreton moved to Europe and chose another coastal city, San Sebastian, to become her artistic residency. Since her childhood, the ocean has guided her, it is where she finds her inspiration. The idea that something is always going on under the blue surface has always intrigued her. Growing up, Daniela Garreton developped a strong relationship with the ocean, thanks to her family who both dive and surf. The fisherman is forever present in Daniela’s drawings, she has a true respect for these men who dedicate their lives to the sea. Throughout the image of this fisherman, Daniela tries to celebrate and pay a tribute to all those who have love and respect for the ocean, and who understand the immense value it has in our lives. Daniela particulary likes to work with wood for her drawings, which give them an inimitable warmth.

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