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Maldito Juanito is a Swiss artist who is by no means new to the world of street art. It all started with graffitis on his text books, then he decided to tackle concrete blocks and bricks through commando-style operations in the streets of Geneva, but with his bag filled with cans of spray paint instead of grenades. Over the years, Juanito has developped a certain maturity in graphic design, a good technic and new desires. It’s when he discovered the works of street artists such as Banksy and Shepard Fairey that he discovered a true passion for ephemeral street art. Inspired by his latin-american origines, the representation of death has to be aesthically perfect. Juanito Maldito’s art finds it’s originality in the alchemy that he creates between Mexican culture and the garage scene which caracterizes the posters of the films « Sexploitation » in the ‘60’s.

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