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Camille Lavaud was born in 1981.She lives and works in a sewing shop located in a medieval village in her home town (Dordogne) and sometimes in a few places around Bordeaux or Brussels.

Customizing fanzines and collective exhibitions, she made her first appearance in "Horror is human" and was afterwards noticed by the publishing house Orbis Pictus and then by Artsfactory. Graduating with a DNSEP at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, voguing between graphic design and publishing, it was as a co- driver in her grandfather’s bookmobile that she began to practice at being an illustrator. Camille Lavaud finds her inspiration in words, pictures and music. A large desk, a playlist, drawing paper and a Pilot 0.4 pen for her illustrations, assemblies, collages and sewing for different ready-to-wear collections. Camille is an artist with a deep commitment who gives meaning to her art through words and disguised messages.

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